You Do Not Want to BE Part of These Statistic’s

  • 90% of all Start Ups Fail
  • more than 51% of start ups fail within 5 years
  • 96% of SME business close after 10 years

The business world is growing more complicated each day, month, new competitor’s, pace of digital and technological change, ever demanding clients, a new type of work force.

How are you going to beat the above odds? It is a must that you engage with an experienced SME Business Coach, We at Scothro SME E Coaching are Leaders in South Africa. We help you see your business through different eyes, we help position your business so YOU, YOUR TEAM and FAMILY are better off.

We are dedicated to helping YOU be Successful, there are to many marginal SME businesses. South Africa, needs strong SME Businesses.

Yes you must leverage our expertise, we bring new ideas, new recommendations that will “drop the Heat on Stress, Pressure, and type of Risks”

kaleKyle Daines

Specializes in Organizational Behavior,
integrated  marketing communication, sales and sales management,
social selling, digital marketing, SME Business transformation

Subscription Investment R601.00 monthly

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