Personalised Client Experience with Speed


One great idea, or recommendation could generate hundreds if not thousands of Rands for you.

Key Benefits of being a member

  • Structured personalised Ecoaching to your business/issues/queries you have  (You email us your queries).
  • Ecoaching checklist – you identify business issues you would like to be coached on.
  • Monthly analysis – Outside objective input on your income statement (Optional – You will need to email us your income statement). Obviously strictly confidential.
  • Access to knowledge and experience of Ecoaches
  • As an SME Owner – will save you time, one credible source to build and grow your business through improved knowledge and skills
  • As an SME owner will help you master new business disciplines
  • Online networking and business match making
  • Download from our library practical tools, models, templates, frameworks, checklists.
  • Access to various:
    • Business Models
    • Sales Models
    • Personal Development models
    • Social Media
    • Marketing
    • Financial Management
    • International Marketing
    • RSQP Formula
    • Blogs
    • Articles
  • Within 24 hours of subscribing we will mail you one of these training guide – 18 characteristics of a successful SME owner in SA, plus our Ecoaching checklist.

A % of your fee will be donated to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters. Their work is outstanding; our principle has been donating funds to them for many years.

Subscription Investment R601.00 monthly

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