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  • With over 62 years of business experience and coaching to SME’s since 1997. We are Ecoaching to SME owners in South Africa.
  • Simple, practical response to your business queries/issues
  • Covering the following areas: Sales, Marketing, Finance and Business Management.
  • Our Ecoaching teams involves Analysts, Coaches and Trainers.
  • If you are looking to become an SME owner or are already in the SME business trenches – Give yourself and your business the extra competitive advantage – by joining the SME Ecoaching SA program.
  • Your Ecoaching subscription, an investment gives you experience, insight, skills and knowledge to transform your SME business.

Training Guides

One of the many benefits of subscribing is free downloads of these and other of Guy’s booklets and information packs.


Our Vision

To be a meaningful online partner by giving input and advice in a structured manner to SME business owners so they can achieve better growth and establish improved wealth through their business.


Our Values

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • To the ‘point’ communication
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Knowledgeable – be on the leading edge of new business knowledge
  • Humility – we will always be aware that our clients come first


You will probably think, I don’t want to change, I am comfortable with the way things are – things are working okay. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it – or let’s not reinvent the wheel.

However, ask yourself – whether the status quo is likely to become obsolete and what the consequences will be for you and your company if change is not done.


“Guy thank you for sharing a part of you with us, it has changed our lives forever”
Ian and Lizel and team

Conrad K started his business in his garage in 1995 with his brother, in 1998 Guy started coaching us, 18 years later Guy still coaching business units in our group, which has grown to 6 businesses , and helped us become the leader in our industry. Guy a great mentor and friend.
Conrad K

Flip P, Business owner, my son( on a gap year) attended Guy’s workshops at the SANLAM FUTURE BUSINESSES Leaders week in 2000, started our business, 17 years later business still operating, recently contacted Guy to help take our business to the next level.
( Flip, I still have the workshop material from Guy’s workshop)

“ Guy improved our all round bookkeeping approach, brought focus to key areas in our business with better results”
Natalie and Dieter

“Guy has helped me to think of my business on a higher level and has given me the confidence to see the WORTH of my services my company offers. He has helped me realise the potential my company has and has given me the ideas on how to grow it further”
Nikki S Business Owner 5 years

Guy has the demonstrable track record since 1997 to add those special moments of concise clarity as essential foundations to build and optimize momentum in your business life.
Layton R Smith ( international entrepreneur/ consultant)



Guy Daines

Specializes in Leadership, General management and SME Business Transformation , business repositioning, sales and sales management, social selling, financial management, Organizational Behavior, and Digital marketing.